Happy Together
A Coffee Chat


Our muses this week are creative duo Yasmin Suteja, a 26 years old photographer and creative director. She runs Culture Machine creative agency and Abbie Langie a bali based photographer.. see their instagram feed @yasminsuteja and @abbielengui


When you feel the most comfortable and happy – what are you wearing?

Yasmin: I feel the most comfortable wearing my favourite pair of Ksubi high waisted jeans and a simple white top, dripping in good jewellery , paired with sneakers !

Abbie: Anything I feel confident in, but always the vans and a pair of gold hoop earrings..

Whats the easiest way for you to find inspiration?

Yasmin: I’m inspired by my friends and family! I come from a family of entrepreneurs and business minds l. We’re constantly having exciting and inspiring conversations

Abbie: Instagram, magazines and surrounding myself with creative people!


What’s souvenir did you bring back from your last trip?

Yasmin: I brought back an exhibition of photographs from my recent trip to Brooklyn NY

Abbie: The last souvenir I have is a teacup from my boyfriend’s trip to Japan

What are some of your favorite instagram feeds?

Yasmin: I LOVE Patricia Manfield. Her style, aesthetic is on point. I also love her cute videos !

Abbie: I love Habitualfeels, Faithfullthebrand, Yan Yan Chan,Brydie Mack

Continued: I also love photographers like Harry Mark and Yasmin Suteja

What is your idea of a perfect day in bali? any favourite secret spots we should know about?

Yasmin: Catching up with friends !

METCON at Wanderlust

Brekky at Crate Cafe

Dinner at Peloton

Drinks at The Lawn or Pretty Poison

Abbie: A perfect day for me in Bali is visiting somewhere I haven’t been yet! I loved Amed when I visited earlier this year, it’s so beautiful and reminds me of Europe! Also, there has to be good food!! My favourite cafe is Peloton Supershop!

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