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Tatiana Ferguson & Julian Kanginnadhi

Meet Tatiana Ferguson and Julian Kanginnadhi. The couple visited us a few days a go us at Happy Together and shared a few things they love about Bali, traveling and of course each other. Tatiana is a french – South African model and swimwear designer, her swimline TAJE is known amongst the island’s millenials for its Brazilian cut suits. Julian who is also my brother is a Bali born and bread mixed kid, he co-owns The Straw Hut restaurant and is a certified chef de cuisine. He loves his pup penny, gardening and fishing. lets get to know this lovely people a little bit more shall we?



What is your idea of a perfect day in bali?

T: Perfect day would be a full day up in Bukit by the ocean with my closest friends, it reminds me of my childhood growing up here.

J: yes definitely spending the day at the beach chilling/fishing, or Gardening, being at home, cuddling with the doggies. Or chilling in the mountains.

Any favorite secret spots we should know about?

I cant tell you, too many secret spots are ruined because of social media. But i will tell you where I get the best crispy duck & pizza on the island, The Straw Hut.




Whats the easiest way for you to find inspiration?

T: I find inspiration though different things such as a few days in nature or by the ocean, sometimes its through tumblr or pinterest, often through music and being around my best friend Maya.

J: Traveling

Is there anything you collect?

T: I can’t think of anything  in particular that I am collecting but I do collect in a way things like crystals ,astrology books, tarot and oracle cards.

J: Memories. Tried to collect a few things but i always end up loosing them.

Do you have a guilty pleasures or indulgence?

T: I wouldn’t say it is a ‘guilty’ pleasure but I do love to indulge when it comes to comfort and food. I guess Chocolate would be one or a nice big bowl of Pasta in bed, with my series of course.

J: Babi guling, any food with pork in it. But trying to cut out meat so maybe nutella crepes could be second

What meal could you whip up in under five minutes?

Poached eggs with spinach, mushroom, bacon & hashbrown on toast! Used to be my fave brekkie but now im trying out this vegan thing

What’s your favorite feature in our home? 

T:  Hmmm.. I love it! especially the bed and the bedroom. I would have to say my favorite is the bedroom. I love that the bed is big, with a big fluffy duvet, lots of pillows, with white walls and some plants surrounding and glass sliding doors.

J: Love the bedroom area! And the location!

If you had to select the perfect soundtrack for being your most creative, do you have a musician, album or genre you’d recommend?

T: For sure, I think Jazz would be my first pick, or some classical french/Brazilian music

J: Reggae has been my fave since i was a kid, i also love world music.

How did you meet and start dating?

T: I met Julian when he had just gotten back to Bali and was working at Art Cafe which later on turned into The Straw Hut. They had music nights every week and I had started to go every weekend with my best friends, I met Julian on the first night there and from then on we seem to have kept seeing each other 🙂

J: yeah things just went on from there!

Tell me three things you love about your partner?

T: 1. He tries really hard to make me happy and give me what I want.

2. Has a lot of respect and grace with everything he does.

3. Has a very big heart.

J: She is very loving, a hard worker and last but not least she is such a beauty.

You’re taking a road trip – what’s the perfect dream destination? 

J: Lombok or sumbawa to my gf’s dad’s beachfront bungalows! Or if it has to be bali i would go to my aunty’s mimpi menjangn resort up north they have the best natural hot spring.

What’s souvenir did you bring back from your last trip?

J: Memories (2 pics of fish I cought )

What are some of your partner’s quirks? What are things about your partner that drives you a little crazy — things that only you could love.

J: She gets black(african american gangster black) when shes excited or mad… hey wait a minute, Are you trying to get me in trouble or what???

T: hahaha i love Julian’s Sudden hyperactive moods, he loves to be silly but to make me laugh, and he’s got cute hobbies that he loves…. Drives me crazy: Tendency to get into some pretty serious and intense moods, but I learnt to work with it and accept it, I guess thats love 🙂



September 2017
All photography by Guswib

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